Egyptians Created Toothpaste

Egyptians used toothpaste made of ground pumice stones mixed with wine vinegar circa 2000 BCE.

      2000 BCE

Additional Information:

  • The Oldest Known Recipe For A Toothpaste Comes From Ancient Egypt
    Apr 9, 2018 – Egyptians are believed to have started using a paste to clean their teeth around 5000 BC, before toothbrushes were invented. Ancient Greeks and Romans are known to have used toothpastes, and people in China and India first used toothpaste around 500 BC.
  • The ancient Egyptian recipe for toothpaste – Telegraph
    Jan 19, 2003 – The ancient Egyptian recipe for toothpaste. … In faded black ink made of soot and gum arabic mixed with water, an ancient Egyptian scribe has carefully described what he calls a “powder for white and perfect teeth”. When mixed with saliva in the mouth, it forms a “clean tooth paste”.
  • 1: Toothpaste – 10 Amazing Ancient Egyptian Inventions …
    Toothpaste. … But the Egyptians also contributed a innovation to dental hygiene, in the form of toothpaste. Early ingredients included the powder of ox hooves, ashes, burnt eggshells and pumice, which probably made for a less-than-refreshing morning tooth-care ritual [source:].
  • Ancient Egyptians Invented Toothpaste | Ancient Pages
    Dec 26, 2015 – The world’s oldest-known recipe for toothpaste comes from ancient Egypt in fact. When discovered, the Egyptian toothpaste formula from the …
  • A tale of ancient toothpaste –
    An Egyptian toothpaste formula from the 4th century AD has been found in a collection of papyrus documents at the National Library in Vienna, Austria.1,2 In …

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