Invention of Euchre

The Euchre card game was developed from the Spanish game, triomphe played in the early 16th century.

      16th Century
      Card Game

Additional Information:

  • Euchre – Wikipedia
    It is believed to be closely related to the French game Écarté that was popularized in the United States by the Cornish and Pennsylvania Dutch, and to the seventeenth-century game of bad repute Loo. It may be sometimes referred to as Knock Euchre to distinguish it from Bid Euchre.
  • Euchre: history of, by David Parlett
    Euchre: David Parlett’s researches into the origins, history and name of this historic game which gave rise to the Joker in the pack.
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    Euchre, card game popular in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Great … Euchre is therefore the game for which the joker was invented—the joker …
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    euchre (yōō´kər), card game, played usually by four persons (two sets of partners). The game originated among the Amish and was a popular card game in …
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    Dec 4, 2012 – Euchre is a classic card game that is currently enjoying a revival. Its simplicity and speed make it attractive to card players who have limited …

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