France Developed Prepaid Envelopes

During King Louis XIV of France’s reign the prepaid envelope was developed by M. de Valfyer selling formes de billet, or blank form letters together with envelopes with attached postage.

      M. de Valfyer

Additional Information:

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    Jump to History of envelopes – The first known envelope was nothing like the paper envelope of today. It can be dated back to around 3500 to 3200 BC in the ancient Middle East. … Paper envelopes were developed in China, where paper was invented by 2nd century BC. Paper envelopes, known as chih poh, were used to store gifts of money.
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    The mail or post is a system for physically transporting postcards, letters, and parcels. A postal …. Mail has been transported by quite a few other methods throughout history, including dogsled, ski, balloon, rocket, mule, … Franking is a method of creating postage-prepaid envelopes under licence using a special machine.
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    At the National Postal Museum, envelopes are as critical a part of history as the … envelope had appeared in England, “the first prepaid postal wrapper and the …
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    Tracing back the origins of the picture postcard is difficult because postcards … of domestic mail delivery to 1 penny per envelope, to be prepaid by the sender.
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    The history of using a mail service or courier service to pass messages from one … placed in them if they used the postage pre-paid envelopes that he sold.

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