First Automobile Accident in England

Bridget Driscoll was the first pedestrian on record killed by an automobile driven by Arthur Edsell. Following an auto show on August 17, 1895 held at the Crystal Palace in London, England. Driscoll panicked and ran into the vehicle’s path.

      August 17, 1895
      Bridget Driscoll
      London, England

Additional Information:

  • List of traffic collisions – Wikipedia
    The accident occurred in Ohio City, Ohio. … 17 August 1896 UK – Bridget Driscoll is the first person to die in a petrol-engined car accident, and the first pedestrian victim of an automobile accident in the United Kingdom.
  • Death of Bridget Driscoll – Wikipedia
    Croydon, Surrey, England. Resting place, Queen’s Road Cemetery. Known for, First pedestrian to be killed by a motor car in Great Britain. The death of Bridget Driscoll ( c. 1851 – 17 August 1896) was the first recorded case of a pedestrian killed in a collision with a motor car in …
  • How the UK’s first fatal car accident unfolded – BBC News
    Aug 17, 2010 – So who was the UK’s first fatal car accident victim – exactly 114 years ago – and what happened? There were little more than a handful of petrol cars in Britain when labourer’s wife Bridget Driscoll, 44, took a trip to the Crystal Palace, south-east London, on 17 August 1896.
  • The UK’s first fatal car accident: from the archive, 26 August …
    Aug 26, 2014 – Bridget Driscoll, on a day trip to Crystal Palace, was bewildered by the car’s approach, got in its way and was knocked down. Tue 26 Aug 2014 …

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