Discovery of Large Ancient Mesopotamian Library

Archeologists uncovered an massive library archive containing some 23,600 clay tablets, dated between 2285 and 1755 BCE, at the site of the ancient Mesopotamian city in Tall Hariri, Syria in 1933.

      2285 BCE
      Tall Hariri, Syria

Additional Information:

  • Library of Ashurbanipal – Wikipedia
    The library is an archaeological discovery credited to Austen Henry Layard; most tablets were taken to England and can now be found in the British Museum, but a first discovery was made in late 1849 in the so-called South-West Palace, which was the Royal Palace of king Sennacherib (705–681 BC).
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    Ancient Mesopotamia (roughly modern Iraq) can boast an uninterrupted … were the two major categories of what archaeologists call ‘public buildings’ in ancient …
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    Oct 25, 2018 – The first big discovery of Library tablets was made by the English … Before the discovery of the Library, almost everything we knew about ancient … for most of what we know about Mesopotamian scholarship of the time.
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    Information about the Ashurbanipal Library research project at the British … significant discoveries from ancient Iraq, and indeed from the ancient world. From these texts we discover the secrets of more than a thousand years of Mesopotamian …
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    Apr 9, 2019 – The library was discovered by archaeologists who were excavating at the … Publisher Wins Rights to Publish Mysterious Ancient Manuscript that Has Never Been Deciphered … discovered makes Ashurbanipal’s library one of the largest …. The origins of human beings according to ancient Sumerian texts.

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