Valentin Hauy Created Braille

Valentin Hauy of Paris, France, created the Braille reading system in 1793 as founder of the first school for blind children. Hatiy, a calligrapher created an alphabet of raised letters that his students follow using their fingertips. Louis Braille, student would later invent the reading system that replaced raised letters with combinations of raised dots for words.

      Valentin Hauy
      Paris, France

Additional Information:

  • Louis Braille French Teacher – National Federation of the Blind
    He built on the efforts of two sighted people: Valentin Haüy, a philanthropist and educator who produced books with embossed letters of the alphabet for his blind students, and Charles Barbier, a military officer who devised a code of raised dots for transmitting messages and orders in the dark.
  • Valentin Haüy – Wikipedia
    Valentin Haüy (pronounced [aɥi]; 13 November 1745 – 19 March 1822) was the founder, in 1785, of the first school for the blind, the Institute for Blind Youth in Paris (now Institut National des Jeunes Aveugles, or the National Institute for the Young Blind, INJA). In 1819, Louis Braille entered this school.
  • Valentin Haüy | French educator | Britannica
    Nov 9, 2019 – Valentin Haüy, French professor of calligraphy known as the “father and apostle … In 1784 he established the National Institution for Blind Youth, Paris … for blind children), where Louis Braille, inventor of the most widely used …
  • Valentin Hauy – History of Writing Codes for the Blind – The …
    History of Writing Codes for the Blind » Valentin Hauy. Valentin Hauy … AFB’s Hauy page at their “200 Years: The Life and Legacy of Louis Braille Years” essay.
  • Valentin Haüy and Louis Braille: Enabling Education for the …
    However, it was royal interpreter Valentin Haüy and blind student-turned-teacher Louis Braille who would create an entirely new alphabet and establish the …

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