Bartolome de Las Casas Published a Book on Human Rights and Slavery

Spanish priest Bartolome de Las Casas wrote a book on human rights and slavery in the New World titled Brevisirna relacion de la destruccion de las Indias (A Brief Report on the Destruction of the Indies) which was published in Spain in 1552. Las Casas spent years as a missionary in Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico protecting the enslaved Indians and warns in the book “that God’s wrath would destroy the Spanish for the sins they were committing in the Americas.”

      Bartelome de Las Casas

Additional Information:

  • Bartolomé de las Casas – Wikipedia
    A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies (Spanish: Brevísima relación de la destrucción de las Indias) is an account written in 1542 (published in Seville in 1552) about the mistreatment of the indigenous peoples of the Americas in colonial times and sent to then-Prince Philip II of Spain.
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    Bartolomé de Las Casas by Tomás López Enguídanos, courtesy of the National Library … and political and legal works have been published in fourteen volumes. … At least in his early life, Las Casas was a slaveowner who knew slavery first hand. … Las Casas may be the first writer to use the term “human rights” (derechos …
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    that the political use of human rights discourses is split … Bartolomé de las Casas and on the reasons why the King allowed las Casas’ fierce critique of the conquest to be published in a period of otherwise severe censorship. … question in her book on The History of Human … natural freedom) and slavery (the restricted ad-.
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    Feb 13, 2011 – Bartolome de las Casas is one of those remarkable people in history who … A great humanitarian; he learnt human rights in his encounter with the … freed their slaves and sold their plot of land and Las Casas returned to … Las casas. ed and trans by George Sanderlin (Maryknoll: Orbis books, 1993) 66-67.

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