Whaling Town Built in Smeerenburg, Norway

The whaling town of Smeerenburg (“Blubbertown”), was built in 1619 on Spitsbergen, an island north of Norway. Founded by Dutch whaling syndicates the English Muscovy Company. The town provided both trade and outfitters for whalers hunting the Greenland right whale and other polar whale species. Due to the extreme periods of cold weather in the 1650’s that shut down the arctic whaling trade, and led to Smeerenburg’s abandonment in 1665.

      1619, 1665
      English Muscovy Company
      Spitsbergen, Norway

Additional Information:

  • Smeerenburg Blubber Ovens – Amsterdam Island, Norway …
    In 1619, the whalers founded the settlement of Smeerenburg—literally meaning “Blubber Town” —on Amsterdam Island in northwest Svalbard. The settlement was built to serve as the main outpost in the north of the archipelago, and it soon began to grow.
  • Smeerenburg – Wikipedia
    The settlement of Smeerenburg on Amsterdam Island in northwest Svalbard was founded by … (The name Smeerenburg, in Dutch, literally means “blubber town”). The image at right shows the concretized remnants of whale oil that built up around the … In 1973 the ruins of Smeerenburg became part of Norway’s North-West …
  • The Myth of Blubber Town, an Arctic Metropolis – The Public …
    Jul 9, 2019 – Though the 17th-century whaling station of Smeerenburg was in reality, at its … Perched on a desolate island in the Norwegian archipelago of … As more ships arrived each year, additional oil cookeries were built as well as …
  • Smeerenburg – The Cruise Handbook for Svalbard
    The name “Smeerenburg” means “Blubber Town”. Its whaling station served as the main base for Dutch whaling in the first half of the … (Image: Bjørn Fossli Johansen / The Norwegian Polar Institute) … Do not touch loose objects that are man-made (protected cultural remains); Do not tread on moist patches of step ground.
  • Amsterdamøya-Smeerenburg – Spitsbergen | Svalbard
    Amsterdamøya is famous for its whaling history. … Norway with SV Antigua, 2019/10/27-11/03 … History: Amsterdamøya is famous for the whaling station Smeerenburg, which was built by Dutch whalers in the 17th century on the … a little fortress, probably a gun battery, in Smeerenburg, which translates as “blubber town”.
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