Fifty Nations Attend First UNICO Conference

Fifty nations attended the first United Nations Conference on International Organization held in San Francisco, CA, USA on April 25, 1945. NCIO finalized their organizational structure, mission, and produced the final text of the Charter of the United Nations.

      April 25, 1945
      San Francisco, CA, USA

Additional Information:

  • United Nations Conference on International Organization …
    The United Nations Conference on International Organization (UNCIO), commonly known as the San Francisco Conference, was a convention of delegates from 50 Allied nations … This counterproposal encouraged Stalin to attend the Yalta conference by … China signed first, as it had been the first victim of an Axis power.
  • 1945: The San Francisco Conference | United Nations
    The San Francisco Conference: Egypt signs the UN Charter. … Thus delegates of fifty nations in all, gathered at the City of the Golden Gate, representatives … To China, first victim of aggression by an Axis power, fell the honour of signing first.
  • 1944-1945: Dumbarton Oaks and Yalta | United Nations
    The Dumbarton Oaks Conference constituted the first important step taken to carry out paragraph 4 of the Moscow Declaration of 1943, which recognized the need for a postwar international organization to succeed the League of Nations. … 7 October 1944 || Dumbarton Oaks.
  • San Francisco Conference | Definition, Attendees, & Facts …
    San Francisco Conference, formally United Nations Conference on International … Oaks Conference in 1944 and reaffirmed at the Yalta Conference in early 1945. … The conference was attended by delegations from 46 nations—26 of which … with the signing of the Charter of the United Nations by 50 nations on June 26.
  • Joseph Vella Honored with UNICO Americanism Award …
    “We feel it should go to someone who has truly earned it. … UNICO National is the nation’s largest Italian American service organization with …

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