Power Plant Using Solar Cells Built in Utah

The first power plant using photovoltaic solar cells was dedicated by Governor Scott Matheson at Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah, USA, on June 7, 1980. The plant was a joint venture of the U.S. National Park System, the U.S. Department of Energy, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Lincoln Laboratory. The US$3 million photovoltaic system had 266,029 solar cells mounted in twelve long rows, produced a 100-kilowatt output which supplied electricity to six staff residences, maintenance facilities, a water sanitation system, and a visitors’ centre. The closest power line was 38 miles (61 kilometres) away.

      June 7, 1980
      Scott Matheson
      Natural Bridges National Monument, UT, USA

Additional Information:

  • Utah Solar | SEIA
    Utah Red Hills Renewable Energy Park was completed in 2016. This photovoltaic project has the capacity to generate 104 MW of electricity — enough to power over 20,419 Utah homes. Several large retailers in Utah have gone solar including IKEA, Patagonia and Uinta Brewing Company.
  • Solar power in Utah – Wikipedia
    US annual average solar energy received by a latitude tilt photovoltaic cell (modeled). Solar power in Utah has the potential to provide all of the electricity used in the United States. Utah is one of the seven US states with the best potential for solar power, … solar power (CSP) plants using 6,371 square miles – about 7.5% of the state.
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    Aug 27, 2019 – With a battery in every apartment, the whole complex can store extra … where solar and solar batteries are literally built into your life,” says …
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    Mar 26, 2014 – Rocky Mountain Power is preparing to build its first Utah solar farm. … enough electricity for 500 homes through the use of 9,000 panels. … a 300-megawatt solar plant adjacent to the Intermountain Power Plant near Delta.
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    Aug 27, 2019 – Each unit will also host a Sonnen EcoLinx battery to store the energy, … Virtual power plants could offer a blueprint for how to roll out solar energy on a … with a project that could help Utah boost its clean energy credentials … Batteries made with sulfur could be cheaper, greener, and hold more energy.

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