Terrorist Airline Bomb Attack Over Japan

The first terrorist bomb attack occurred on the Pan American World Airways airliner traveling from Japan to Honolulu, Hawaii, USA on August 12, 1982. Mohammed Rashid planted a time-delayed device while travelling on the same plane hours earlier from Hong Kong to Japan. He was convicted of the bombing in 1992 by a Greek court, released in 1996, and rearrested by the USA in 1998. The blast mortally wounded a Japanese boy, 16-year-old Tom Ozawa, and hurt 15 other passengers. Rashid noted during the May 15, 1998 U.S. Indictment that he was a PLO member, and the bomb was planted with assistance from Christine Pinter, his wife whose whereabouts were unknown.

      August 12, 1982
      Mohammed Rashid
      Honolulu, HI, USA

Additional Information:

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