Ginger Grows in the New World

The southeast asian spice, ginger (Zingiber officinale) was first shipped from Santiago in Hispaniola (Dominican Republic) to Spain in 1547. Ginger was grown by planters in Jamaica following the Europeans arrival to the New World.

      Asia, Dominican Republic

Additional Information:

  • Ginger: An ancient crop in the New World – Northeast SARE
    Ginger: An ancient crop in the New World. … Bahrat got two Farmer Grants to study and test this new crop, grown from mother roots from Biker Dude Organic Ginger Farm in Pahoa, Hawaii, and she reports that harvest began 152 days after planting—roughly the end of August—and continued for six weeks.
  • Asarum canadense (Canadian wild ginger) | Native Plants of …
    Canadian Wild Ginger, Wild Ginger … This low, colony-forming perennial grows only 4-8 in. high. Each plant bears a pair … Eastern North America, Zones 3 to 7
  • Ginger – New World Encyclopedia
    Aug 24, 2008 – A dicotyledonous native species of eastern North America, Asarum … Some plants have rhizomes that grow above ground or that sit at the soil …
  • Herb to Know: Wild Ginger – Mother Earth Living
    Wild ginger is a member of the birthwort family. The genus Asarum comprises about seventy species of low-growing, stemless perennial herbs with aromatic rhizomes, most native to warm temperate eastern Asia, a few to North America, and one to Europe.
  • Asarum canadense – Wikipedia
    Asarum canadense, commonly known as Canada wild ginger, Canadian snakeroot, and broad-leaved asarabacca, is a herbaceous, perennial plant which forms dense colonies in the understory of deciduous forest throughout its native range in eastern North America, from … Underground shoots are shallow-growing, fleshy rhizomes that branch to …

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