Russian Developed Electric Rail and Street Lamps

Russian electrical engineer Pavel Nikolayevich Yablochkov developed electric rail and street lamps as commissioned by the Russian government as a means of illuminating the MoscowóKursk rail line for travel by the Tsar in 1876. “Yablochkov candle” was an arc lamp with consumable carbon electrodes that operated on alternating current, and used as street lighting across Russia and Europe prior to the invention of mercury vapour lamps.

      Pavel Nikolayevich Yablochkov
      Electrical Engineer

Additional Information:

  • Yablochkov candle – Wikipedia
    A Yablochkov candle (sometimes electric candle) is a type of electric carbon arc lamp, invented in 1876 by the Russian electrical engineer Pavel Yablochkov. … as factories and train stations and its use as a street lighting system was cheaper … They were first demonstrated as street illumination during the Paris Exhibition …
  • Alexander Lodygin – Wikipedia
    1873–1874: He conducted experiments with electric lighting on ships, city streets, etc. 11 July 1874: He was granted the Russian patent, as patent number 1619
  • Russian Railways – Wikipedia
    Russian Railways is a Russian fully state-owned vertically integrated railway company, both … In March 2016, RZD approved an updated version of high-speed rail development program until 2030. … passenger locomotives, 7,837 electric freight locomotives, 3,556 diesel freight locomotives, 6,104 shunting locomotives.
  • Railway electrification in the Soviet Union – Wikipedia
    Electrification of the last segment of the Trans-Siberian Railway from Khabarovsk (Хабаровск) to Vladivostok (Владивосток) was completed in 2002. By 2008, the tonne-kilometres hauled by electric trains in Russia had increased to about 85% of rail freight.

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