Mexican Emperor Ferdinand Maximilian

Austrian archduke Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph became Mexican Emperor in 1864 with backing from France. Mexican conservatives and French troops in Mexico supported the move, but following pressure from the United States led French emperor Napoleon III to withdraw his army. Leading Maximilian to stay and defend the city of Queretaro against Republican forces under former Mexican President, Benito Pablo Juarez. On May 14, 1867. Finally, Maximilian was betrayed, captured, and executed on June 19, 1867.

      1864, May 14th 1867, June 19th 1867
      Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph

Additional Information:

  • Maximilian I of Mexico – Wikipedia
    Maximilian I (Spanish: Fernando Maximiliano José María de Habsburgo-Lorena; 6 July 1832 – 19 June 1867) was the only monarch of the Second Mexican Empire. … Seeking to legitimize French rule, Napoleon III invited Maximilian to establish a new pro-French Mexican monarchy.
  • Maximilian | archduke of Austria and emperor of Mexico …
    Maximilian, in full Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph, (born July 6, 1832, Vienna, Austria—died June 19, 1867, near Querétaro, Mex.), archduke of Austria and the emperor of Mexico, a man whose naive liberalism proved unequal to the international intrigues that had put him on the throne and to the brutal struggles within …
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    Jul 4, 2019 – Fast Facts: Maximilian I. Known For: Emperor of Mexico; Also Known As: Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph Maria, Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian …
  • Maximilian in Mexico – The New York Times
    Oct 4, 2013 – … the 31-year-old Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian, a scion of the Austrian branch of the Hapsburg … Still, Maximilian would never have ascended the Mexican throne were it not for yet another emperor, Napoleon III of France.
  • The last emperor of Mexico was offered a chance to escape …
    Nov 8, 2016 – The man who would be the last Emperor of Mexico was born Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph on July the 6th, 1832, in Vienna, Austria …

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