Publication of Book II of Contra Apionem

Greek writer Apion wrote the Book II of Contra Apionem (Against Apion) about anti-Semitic libel in 85 AD, which was refuted by the Jewish historian, Flavius Josephus (Joseph ben Matthias). Apion claimed that Jews practiced human sacrifice and cannibalism in their religious rituals. The blood libel was developed by Christian writers and used as an excuse for the slaughter of Jews for the following 2,000 years.

      85 CE
      Apion, Flavius Josephus
      Author, Historian

Additional Information:

  • Josephus: Against Apion II
    BOOK II. 1. In the former book, Most Honoured Epaphroditus, I have demonstrated … But this Apion of ours, as deserving to be believed before them, hath determined it … Nay Plato himself confesseth that it is not safe to publish the true notion …
  • Against Apion – Wikipedia
    Against Apion is a polemical work written by Flavius Josephus as a defense of Judaism as a … Against Apion 1:8 also defines which books Josephus viewed as being in the Jewish Scriptures: For we have not … THACKERAY, H. St. J. “Josephus: the Main Manuscripts of the Minor Works: The “Vita” and the “Contra Apion””.
  • The Passage of the Against Apion – Brill
    After publishing the Jewish War about the year 80 CE, Josephus began to pre- … books of the Jews in Ag. Ap. 1.37–45, it is fundamental to present an … qua: 6: De Iudaeorum vetustate sive Contra Apionem libri II (Wien: Tempsky, 1898).
  • the figure of apion in josephus’ “contra apionem” – Jstor
    whom Flavius Josephus launched a counterattack in his Contra Apionem. 2 Cf. L. H. Feldman … Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2005 Journal for the Study of Judaism, XXXVI, 3 … material is preserved in the fifth book of the Histories, allowing moderns to judge … rence near Alexandria in the time of Ptolemy II, which Ael. ΜΑ, VI.
  • Josephus: the Manuscripts of the Minor Works: The “Vita” and …
    Jun 8, 2002 – The Contra Apionem is in any case later than 94, the date of the … The Life is an appendix to the Antiquities, and to a second or later edition of the Antiquities. … (Book II §§ 52-113) we are compelled to have recourse to the old …

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