Movie Studio Built On Edison Property

A frame cabin covered with black roofing paper was the first movie studio to be built on Thomas Alva Edison's property Continue reading

Thanks to our readers and supporters

Wow! Its been and interesting 3 Year and 5 months since we went live. Even While in Covid-19, Stay at home mode, our numbers are growing

In January 2020, we set a goal to have an average of 1200 viewers a month. Well we hit that goal:

January Unique Visiters: 1647
February Unique Visiters: 1964
March Unique Visiters: 1702
April Unique Visiters: 1771
May Unique Visiters: 1510

An average thus far: 1718.8 Unique Visitars a month.

Thanks you all. And as always pass on the word.

The Castle of Otranto was published

The first gothic novel by Horace Walpole was The Castle of Otranto was published in England in 1764. Continue reading