The Savannah Steamboat Crossed The Atlantic Ocean

The Savannah Steamboat, a 350-ton wooden craft designed by an American, Daniel Dod of Elizabeth, NJ, USA, and built in New York sailed across the Atlantic Ocean on May 22, 1819, from Savannah, GA, USA, and arrived at Liverpool, England, on June 20. The steamboat captained by Moses Rogers was powered with a single inclined direct acting low-pressure, 90 horsepower steam engine, drove a small paddlewheel and rigged with sails. Steam power was used for the 80 hours of the 27 days 11 hours crossing.

      June 20, 1819
      Daniel Dod
      Elizabeth, NJ, USA

Additional Information:

  • Logbook for First Transatlantic Steamship Savannah, 1819 …
    The 1818 steamboat Savannah was the first steamship to cross the Atlantic Ocean. It was built as a sailing vessel in New York, measuring 98 feet in length and 320 tons. During construction, sidewheel paddle steam propulsion machinery was added under the oversight of the ship’s captain, Moses Rogers.
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    SS Savannah was an American hybrid sailing ship/sidewheel steamer built in 1818. She is notable for being the first steamship to cross the Atlantic Ocean, …
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    Jump to First ocean-going steamships – The American ship SS Savannah first crossed the Atlantic Ocean arriving in Liverpool, England on June 20, 1819, …
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    SS Savannah First Steamship to Cross Atlantic. After a 29-day voyage, the Savannah steamed into Liverpool, England becoming the first steamship to cross the Atlantic Ocean. With smoke billowing from its stacks, the Savannah sailed from its namesake city in Georgia on May 22.
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    As ocean transportation’s age of sail evolved into one of mechanical power, steamships made regular runs … First steamship to cross the Atlantic, SS Savannah.

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