Copper Statue of Pharaoh Pepy I of Egypt Discovered

Archeologists discovered a copper statue of Pharaoh Pepy I of Egypt, in the 1890’s dating back to 2300 BCE. The 2 foot high statue was found in the Edfu temple ruins and is part of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo’s collection.

      2300 BCE, 1890s
      Pharaoh Pepy I of Egypt,
      Cairo, Egypt

Additional Information:

  • Kneeling Statuette of Pepy I – Brooklyn Museum
    2338-2298 B.C.E. Greywacke, alabaster, obsidian, copper, 6 x 1 13/16 x 3 9/16 in. … This kneeling statue depicts the pharaoh Pepy I of Egypt’s Old Kingdom. … On View: Old Kingdom to 18th Dynasty, Egyptian Galleries, 3rd Floor … CATALOGUE DESCRIPTION Small green slate kneeling figure of Mr-y-Rc (Pepy I) holding a …
  • Pepi I Meryre – Wikipedia
    Pepi I Meryre (also Pepy I) was the third king of the Sixth dynasty of Egypt, ruling for over 40 … Pepi seems to have faced the decline of the pharaoh’s power, which he tried to … At the same time, the figures and names of several palace officials as … These statues, originally fashioned by hammering plates of copper over a …
  • Life-size statue of Pepi I | The Ancient Egypt Site
    With its 1.77 meters height, this statue is the oldest known large-scale metal Ancient Egyptian sculpture. It is made of copper plates beaten to shape and …
  • Egypt Unveils Oldest Metal Statue – AP News
    Jan 19, 1998 – CAIRO, Egypt (AP) _ The oldest metal statue in the world, a 4300-year-old copper figure of an Egyptian pharaoh, is back on display after a … The 2-foot-high statue of Pepy I was found in the 1890s buried in a temple at Edfu in …
  • Copper Statues Of Ancient Egyptian King Pepi I | Sola Rey
    Feb 23, 2017 – Copper Statues Of Ancient Egyptian King Pepi I … was extensive, with both sisters bearing sons who were later to become pharaohs. … While the identity of the larger adult figure as Pepi I is revealed by the inscription, the …

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