Egyptian Worship of Osiris

The first Egyptiian deity, Osiris was offered divine judgment and salvation by his followers. The ancient legend states King Osiris is murdered and dismembered by his brother, resurrected by his wife, Isis, and installed as the god of the dead after fathering Horus, his son. A funeral ritual based on this legend was performed for pharaohs by 2400 BCE and for commoners by 1400 BCE. During the embalmment process, the story was recited, culminating in the incantation “As you do not die, Osiris, so this man does not die.” It was expected the dead were revived in the afterlife, judged by Osiris for the quality of deeds and character, undergoing a final death if they failed the test, but receiving salvation and passing into immortality if they were proven to be maa kheru (“true of voice”).

      2400 BCE

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