Construction of the German Autobahn

The German autobahn, a nationwide highway system with limited-access expressways was constructed beginning in 1921. The Nazis extended these highways into a network containing some 2,500 miles of roadway that connected all major cities beginning in 1933. The massive construction project boosting Germany’s capacity for quick military deployment, was rushed to completion in two years.

      1921, 1933

Additional Information:

  • The History of Autobahn – The News Wheel
    May 11, 2015: The History of Autobahn. … Known as the Bundesautobahn in Germany, this network of highways is considered one of the most dense and longest in the world, stretching a total length of about 8,026 miles. Construction of the Autobahn first began in 1913, making it the world’s first motorway.
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    Jump to Early history – German national speed limits have a historical association with war-time restrictions and deprivations, the Nazi era, and the Soviet era …
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    At the outset of World War II in Europe, the autobahn proved to be a key asset to Germany. The German blitzkrieg (“lightning war”), which involved massive …
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    Aug 4, 2012 – Many people still believe that the Nazis invented the famous German autobahn, and that the construction work helped eradicate mass unemployment in Germany. But this is a historical fiction.
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    Autobahn, (German: “automobile road”) high-speed, limited-access highway, the … See Article History … AutobahnThe Autobahn south of Nürnberg, Germany.

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