First Achromatic Microscope

English optician Joseph Jackson Lister invented the Achromatic microscope in 1830. It eliminated chromatic and spherical aberration, thus improving the observer’s ability to judge the colors and shapes of cells and other specimens. Using sets of compound objective lenses, Lister made the first accurate observations of the true “lozenge” shape of the red blood cell. Joseph Lister was the pioneer in aseptic surgery.

      Joseph Jackson Lister

Additional Information:

  • Chromatic aberration – Wikipedia
    In optics, chromatic aberration is a failure of a lens to focus all colors to the same point. … Spherical aberration 3.svg … It can be further minimized by using an achromatic lens or achromat, in which materials with … Read · Edit · View history …
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    Chromatic aberration lens diagram.svg Chromatic aberration. Spherical aberration is a type of aberration found in optical systems that use elements with … Spherical aberration can be eliminated by making lenses with an aspheric surface. … Aberration in optical systems · Achromatic lens · Cartesian oval · Hubble Space …
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    Chromatic aberration, colour distortion in an image viewed through a glass lens. … Chromatic aberration can be eliminated by combining a strong lens of low-dispersion (crown) glass with a weaker … Such a combination is said to be achromatic. … microscope: Aberration … Last Updated: Feb 20, 2020 See Article History.
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    Explore axial and lateral chromatic aberrations seen in an optical microscope with this … In the case of a spherical lens, the focal length (f) is defined as the image … These pioneers introduced achromatic lenses to microscopy, dramatically … approximately equal and opposite, thus eliminating axial color spread (Figure 2).
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    A thin achromat can be corrected for third-order spherical aberration, coma, and … To eliminate axial chromatic aberration, a simple relation between powers …

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