Invention of Box Kite

Aeronautical pioneer Lawrence Hargrave invented a box kite in 1894. The first true three-dimensional kite was demonstrated on November 12, 1894, at Stanwell Park in New South Wales, Australia. Four box kites were lifted 16 feet (4.9 meters) off the ground. Hargrave also invented the first compressed air rotary engine in 1889.

      November 12, 1894
      Lawrence Hargrave
      aeronautical pioneer
      New South Wales, Australia

Additional Information:

  • Lawrence Hargrave’s first flight | National Museum of …
    On 12 November 1894 Lawrence Hargrave, Australian inventor, astronomer, explorer and historian, connected four box kites of his own design. Having added a seat, he flew with the kites 16 feet (4.8 metres) off the ground, thus proving to the world that it was possible to build a safe, heavier-than-air flying machine.
  • Lawrence Hargrave, Australian aviation pioneer (1850-1915)
    On November 12, 1894, Lawrence Hargrave, the Australian inventor of the box kite, linked four of his kites together, added a sling seat, and flew 16 feet. By demonstrating to a sceptical public that it was possible to build a safe and stable flying machine, Hargrave opened the door to other inventors and pioneers.Feb 2, 2003
  • Lawrence Hargrave – Wikipedia
    Jump to Aeronautics – Of great significance to those pioneers working toward powered flight, Hargrave successfully lifted himself off the ground under a train of four of his box kites at Stanwell Park Beach on 12 November 1894. … This experiment was widely reported and established the box kite as a stable aerial platform.
  • Lawrence Hargrave – The Australian Museum
    Engineer, explorer, astronomer, inventor, aeronautical pioneer. On 12 November 1894, Lawrence Hargrave attached himself to a train of tandem box-kites and became the first Australian to fly. But it was his discoveries in aerodynamics and mechanical engineering that forever changed the course of aviation.
  • Lawrence Hargrave and the Box Kite – SciHi BlogSciHi Blog
    Jan 29, 2016 – Australian engineer, explorer, astronomer, inventor and aeronautical pioneer Lawrence Hargrave “flew” on 12 Nov 1894, by attaching himself …

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