Kazakhstan Was Polluted by Nuclear Waste

Kazakhstan was heavily polluted by nuclear waste according to a 1992 study by researchers. Arable land was occupied by nuclear test and research sites, raising the typical background level of radiation to 25 to 500 times the permissible level. Many residents exhibited high white blood cell counts, a symptom of low-level radiation poisoning, and average life expectancy dropped by two years from 1948 to 1992.

      1992, 1948 to 1992

Additional Information:

  • Kaisha Atakhanova – Goldman Environmental Foundation …
    The entire Central Asian Republic of Kazakhstan is highly polluted by nuclear contamination, a 40-year legacy it inherited from Soviet rule. … Kazakhstan houses 237 million tons of radioactive waste at more than 500 locations that await safe disposal.
  • Kazakhstan reveals solution to its nuclear waste crisis: import …
    Nov 20, 2002 – The national atomic company, Kazatomprom, hopes to start the … mine workings where there is already heavy radioactive contamination.
  • Pictures: Effects of Nuclear Bomb Testing in Kazakhstan
    Oct 13, 2017 – A remote area of Kazakhstan was once home to nearly a quarter of the … birth defects after his pregnant mother was exposed to radiation from a nuclear … “Nuclear contamination is not something we can necessarily see,” he says. … While some of Moore’s subjects are severely deformed, many suffer from …
  • Waste management in Kazakhstan – Wikipedia
    Jump to Pollution by toxic waste products – Out of 21 billion tons of industrial wastes accumulated in the country, 5.2 billion are toxic. … land, causing pollution by such toxic substances as radioactive nuclides, heavy metals, etc.
  • Kazakhstan Looks To US To Help Launch New Nuclear Waste
    Oct 31, 2019 – Kazakhstan, once the owner of a large nuclear test site, is planning to establish … another radioactive waste management center in Almaty, the country’s largest … radioactive contamination of what is Central Asia’s largest country. … have decided to continue enforcing restrictions in the badly-hit city, which …

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