Minor Reformed Church of Poland

The Minor Reformed Church of Poland was founded in 1565 after the Polish Reformed Church split over the Trinity legitimacy. The first Unitarian church was founded in Transylvania (now Romania) in 1568, when Bishop Ferenc David changed the Great Church at Kolozsvar from Calvinist to Unitarian worship. He was against the idea that Jesus should be worshipped and was condemned to life in prison for “Judaizing activities.”

      Ferenc David

Additional Information:

  • Polish Brethren – Wikipedia
    The Polish Brethren (Polish: Bracia Polscy) were members of the Minor Reformed Church of Poland, a Nontrinitarian Protestant church that existed in Poland from 1565 to 1658.
  • The Polish Brethren: The First Reformed Peace Church …
    Nov 29, 2017 – The Polish Brethren, sometimes also called the Arians, were founded in 1565, when they broke ties with the Calvinist church of Poland. Under the leadership of Peter Gonesius, they established their first congregation in Brzeziny, a village near Łódź.
  • Polish Brethren | Religion-wiki | Fandom
    The Minor Reformed Church of Poland, better known today as the Polish … in 1565 did not succeed in bringing both Protestant factions together again. … Polish religious freedom, although the decline started earlier and ended later: the last …

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