Manned Flight by Box Kite

Aeronautical pioneer Lawrence Hargrave demonstrated a manned kite flight on November 12, 1894, at Stanwell Park in New South Wales, Australia. He harnessed four box kites to a sling seat, mounted the craft, and flew 16 feet (5 meters) in a strong wind. His kites were later displayed at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, Australia.

      November 12, 1894
      Lawrence Hargrave
      New South Wales, Australia,

Additional Information:

  • Lawrence Hargrave, Australian aviation pioneer (1850-1915)
    Feb 2, 2003 – On November 12, 1894, Lawrence Hargrave, the Australian inventor of the box kite, linked four of his kites together, added a sling seat, and flew 16 feet. By demonstrating to a sceptical public that it was possible to build a safe and stable flying machine, Hargrave opened the door to other inventors and pioneers.
  • Lawrence Hargrave – Wikipedia
    Jump to Aeronautics – Hargrave (seated) and Swain demonstrate the manlift kites … Hargrave had been interested in experiments of all kinds from an … is the most famous hang gliding and paragliding venue in Australia. … Of great significance to those pioneers working toward powered flight, Hargrave successfully
  • Lawrence Hargrave | British aeronautical engineer | Britannica
    Lawrence Hargrave, English aviation pioneer and inventor of the box kite. Born and educated in England, Hargrave immigrated to Australia, where he began … Hargrave began to research the problems of flight in 1882, making careful studies … He used models to demonstrate that a vertical tailpiece increased stability, and …
  • Lawrence Hargrave: Myth and Fact in Aeronautical History – jstor
    repeatedly made by Australian publicists on Lawrence Hargrave’s behalf are based … kites) to larger box-kites, solved the problem of human flight.” … Hargrave, as is well known, was inventor … Further experiment demonstrated that if the top and bottom sur … worked, for a time, Lawrence Hargrave, our Australian pioneer in.
  • Lawrence Hargrave’s first flight | National Museum of Australia
    On 12 November 1894 Lawrence Hargrave, Australian inventor, astronomer, explorer and historian, connected four box kites of his own design. Having added a seat, he flew with the kites 16 feet (4.8 metres) off the ground, thus proving to the world that it was possible to build a safe, heavier-than-air flying machine.

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