Intel Corporation Built the Microprocessor

Intel Corporation, Santa Clara, CA, USA built the microprocessor in late 1970 for the Busicom Corporation of Japan. Intel engineers team including Ted Hoff, Stan Mazor, Masatoshi Shima, and Federico Faggin designed the Intel 4004 crammed 2300 transistors onto one silicon chip smaller than a thumbtack and ran at a clock speed of 750 kilohertz. The first general purpose computing device that was small, cheap, and powerful enough to be used in various computers, calculators, cars, and appliances. Intel announced the 4004 to the public on November 15, 1971.

      November 15, 1971
      Ted Hoff, Stan Mazor, Masatoshi Shima, Federico Faggin
      Santa Clara, CA, USA, Japan

Additional Information:

  • Microprocessor – Wikipedia
    A microprocessor is a computer processor that incorporates the functions of a central … Before microprocessors, small computers had been built using racks of circuits … (LSI) with hundreds of transistors on a single MOS chip by the late 1960s. … In April 1970, Intel hired Italian engineer Federico Faggin as project leader, …
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    The Intel 4004 is a 4-bit central processing unit (CPU) released by Intel Corporation in 1971. It was the first microprocessor, and the first in a long line of Intel CPUs. The chip design, implemented with the MOS silicon gate technology, started in April 1970, and was created by Federico Faggin who led the project … The 4004 was the first monolithic processor, fully integrated in …
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    Intel, in full Intel Corporation, American manufacturer of semiconductor computer circuits. … At centre right is the computer’s microprocessor, an integrated circuit that … Gordon Moore in front of the Intel SC1 building, Santa Clara, California, 1970. … By the end of the century, Intel and compatible chips from companies like …
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    Kenneth Olsen founded the Digital Equipment Corporation in 1957. … He demonstrated the use of a word processor, a hypertext system, and remote … In the late 1970 Intel introduced a 1K RAM chip and the 4004, a 4-bit microprocessor.
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    In 1970 Steve Geller and Ray Holt of Garrett AiResearch designed the MP944 chip set to implement the F-14A Central Air Data Computer on six metal-gate chips fabricated by AMI. Intel’s first microprocessor, the 4004, was conceived by Ted Hoff and Stanley Mazor.

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