Quaker Meetings Held in Leicestershire

Quaker meetings were held by Seekers members, a Puritan Separatist group who gathered to hear the preaching of George Fox beginning in 1649 near Leicestershire, England. Fox had experienced revelation concerning the presence of God as the “inward Light” within people which needed no mediation from ministers or organized churches. The congregations formed assemblies known as Society of Friends. The term “Quakers”was given as means of ridicule.

      George Fox
      Leicestershire, England

Additional Information:

  • A Suppressed Chapter in Quaker History – jstor
    and it was not until near the beginning of. 1649 that he received a definite com- mand from the … preaching in the Midland counties and a “pretty long” stay in … in these northern counties that Fox won … Morning Meeting was charged with the … the various counties of England and … held in his house; and on the next mar-.
  • on the topographical origins of the quakers | hbd chick
    Aug 20, 2013 – This was the region [the six counties of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, … by 1646 and made his early converts mostly in the North Midlands. By the year 1654, 85 percent of Quaker meetings were in the northern counties of England.7“ … Beginning in the 1780s, many of the Shaker communities lasted well …
  • QUAKERS – Harold B. Lee Library – BYU [PDF]
    1670 meetings for church affairs were started in America and by the end of the … Structure in England and America: For the most part Quaker Meetings for … Judge J. Smith Futhey, of a history of Chester County, Pennsylvania published … English Friends records, Northamptonshire : births, marriages and burials, 1649-1725.
  • Book of Discipline (Quaker) – Wikipedia
    A Book of Discipline may refer to one of the various books issued by a Yearly Meeting of the … Extracts from the book are sometimes read aloud in Quaker meetings for … up in the religious and social ferment of the English Civil War (1642–1649). … called Firbank Fell in Northern England close to the English Lake District.
  • The Quakers – Movies – The New York Times
    George Fox, founder of the Quaker movement, was a tormented man. … Over the next four years Fox wandered throughout England, often living … In 1649 he experienced his first imprisonment for rising in a crowded church in … Elders from those meetings met other county representatives at the Yearly or General Meeting.

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