British jury consider evidence overseas

In the 1999 war crimes case of Anthony Sawoniuk, accused of participating in the murders of 3,800 Jews near Domachevo, Belarus, during the Holocaust, British jury visited the town to examine the evidence firsthand.

In the UK, the coverage of this trial was huge, several links below…

      Anthony Sawoniuk

Additional Information:

  • The trial of Andrei Sawoniuk: Holocaust testimony under cross-examination
    the War Crimes Act (1991) at the Old Bailey in London in 1999. An issue which … which were given to it within the normal rules of criminal evidence. The jury was influenced … Polish soldier and British Rail ticket collector that he was. He limped with a … also a Catholic church, where those who considered themselves Polish.
  • R. v. Sawoniuk, Court of Appeal (Criminal Division)
    On 1 April 1999 a jury at the Central Criminal Court convicted the appellant … All four counts were laid by virtue of the War Crimes Act 1991 which in … Count three depended on the eye-witness evidence of Fedor Zan, who at the time was …. committed in Belorussia since he has never been a British subject …
  • Anthony Sawoniuk – Wikipedia
    Anthony Sawoniuk, formerly Andrei Andreeovich Sawoniuk (Belarusian: Андрэй Саванюк; 7 March 1921 – 6 November 2005) was a Belarusian Nazi collaborator from the town of Domaczewo in interwar Poland. After taking part in the murder of the Jewish community in his home town, Sawoniuk served in the SS until November 1944 when he defected to the Polish II Corps in the British Eighth Army. After the war, he settled in Britain, became a British subject, and became the first and only person to be convicted under the UK’s War Crimes Act 1991. He died in prison in Norwich, England.
  • UK – Life for war criminal
    Anthony Sawoniuk, a 78-year-old former railway worker, has been sentenced to life after being found guilty of murdering two Jews in the UK’s first full Nazi war crimes trial.

    More News Stories from the UK

    • UK – War crimes jury relives history
      The jury in Britain’s first war crimes trial has toured a Belarus town in sub-zero temperatures in an unprecedented court session on foreign soil.They trudged through the snow to examine the sites where alleged Nazi collaborator Anthony Sawoniuk is said to have killed Jews as they fled a horrific massacre. The party spent the day at Domachevo, near the Polish border, where they relived the horrors of the Second World War.
    • UK – Jury sees where Sawoniuk ‘killed Jews’
      Jurors in Britain’s first war crimes trial have been shown maps and photographs of the town where the killings allegedly took place.
    • UK – Sawoniuk – a hidden life exposed
      The sentence passed on Anthony Sawoniuk brings to an end more than 50 years of life on the run from justice. He actually sealed his own fate in the early 1950s with a letter he wrote to his half-brother Mikolai in Poland, who he had not seen since World War II.
    • UK – War crimes trial could be first and last
      Anthony Sawoniuk is likely to become the first and last person convicted of World War II crimes in the UK. If so his conviction could become the most expensive in British legal history. The investigation alone cost £5.4m in the first three years.
    • UK – Sawoniuk joins infamous list
      Anthony Sawoniuk can now be added to the list of Nazi war criminals tried long after the end of World War II. Adolf Eichmann, Klaus Barbie, Erich Priebke and Maurice Papon are some of the infamous offenders who have been tracked down and brought to justice.
    • UK – Sawoniuk threatens to storm out
      A retired railway worker accused of war crimes threatened to storm out of the Old Bailey after being repeatedly questioned about whether he was a member of the SS.
    • UK – Sawoniuk ‘hunted down survivors’
      A witness at Britain’s first war crimes trial has said he saw the accused, Anthony Sawoniuk, hunting for Jewish survivors of a massacre during the Second World War. Fedor Zan, 75, told the Old Bailey he saw Mr Sawoniuk searching Jewish homes in the week after the massacre. About 3,000 Jews were killed in their home town of Domachevo, Belarus, in September 1942.
    • UK – Sawoniuk ‘murdered 15 Jewish women’
      The jury in Britain’s first war crimes trial has heard that defendant Anthony Sawoniuk murdered 15 Jewish women.
    • UK – War crime defendant identified as killer
      A man has been telling the Old Bailey how, as a 12-year-old boy, he was made to bury the bodies of three Jews he saw shot during the Nazi occupation of Belarus.

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