Peace between England and Ireland finally

On November 26th 1998, British Prime Minister Tony Blair address the Parliament of the Irish Republic, speaking before 226 Irish legislators in Dublin. In a joint session he presented prospects for peace between England and Ireland to the Seanad (Senate) and the Dail (lower house).

      November 26th 1998
      Tony Blair
      British Prime Minister

Additional Information:

  • Tony Blair address to Irish Parliament
    On Thursday, November 26, 1998, Tony Blair made history by becoming the first British Prime Minister ever to address the Irish Parliament.
  • In Ireland, Blair Declares End to Centuries of Enmity
    Speaking as the first British Prime Minister ever to address the Parliament of the Irish Republic, Tony Blair today declared an end to centuries of British-Irish hostility and said that London and Dublin must now work together to rescue the stalled Northern Ireland peace effort.
  • Blair Addresses Irish Parliament
    In the first speech ever by a British prime minister to an Irish parliament, Tony Blair predicted Thursday that Northern Ireland’s troubled peace accord would ultimately work because of a strengthened cooperative spirit uniting Britain and Ireland.
  • Blair to address Irish parliament
    The UK Prime Minister Tony Blair is set to make history later this year by becoming the first British politician to address the parliament of the Irish Republic.

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