Woman to fly a transatlantic solo flight from Canada to Ireland

Amelia Earhart, an American Aviator (a native of Atchison, KS, USA), flew out of Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, Canada on May 20th, 1932. On a trip that would take 15 hours and cover about 2,026 miles (3,260km) by the time she landed in Londonderry, Ireland on May 21st, 1932.

Side note: Charles Augustus Lindbergh took first solo flight exactly 5 years before.

For More Information:

      May 20, 1932
      Amelia Mary Earhart

Other Quick Facts:
Birth Date
      July 24, 1897
Death Date
      c. January 5, 1939
      Hyde Park High School, Columbia University
Place of Birth
      Atchison, Kansas, USA

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