White lion born in captivity

At the Philadelphia Zoo in Philadelphia, PA, USA, on March 24th 1994, was the first White Lion born in captivity. The mother of 3 cubs was also a White Lion, and at the time it was believed that only 15 White Lions existed worldwide.

      March 24th 1994
      Philadelphia Zoo
      Philadelphia, PA, USA

Additional Information:

  • The White lion
    The white lion is a rare color mutation of the Timbavati area. White lions are the same as the tawny African Lion (Panthera leo krugeri) found in some wildlife reserves in South Africa and in zoos around the world.
  • Rare white lion cubs born at Georgia zoo
    These white lion cubs aren’t just adorable – they’re incredibly rare. The litter was born at Tbilisi Zoo in Georgia, to Cleopatra and Samuel, who lost a cub in a 2015 flood which killed as many as 300 animals.
    Mutants are natural variations that occur due to spontaneous genetic changes or the expression of recessive (hidden) genes through inbreeding.

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