Underwater Excavation of a Shipwreck

Some sponge divers in 1900 found a shipwreck off the island of Antikythera, Greece (thats near Crete) at a depth of about 170 feet (50-60 meters). Captain Dimitrios Kontos with the help of the Greece Navy undertook the salvage operation. All the divers got the Bends (Nitrogen Narcosis) due to primitive dive equipment and knowledge of diving at those depths (135 feet is max dept, with todays air tanks, beyond that you need to know how to mix gasses on the fly). But not all was lost, they did recover a few planks and other items.

In 1953 and 1976, Jacques-Yves Cousteau investigations of the site found/uncovered the hull, troves of gold ingots, a circa 400 BCE monumental Bronze statue of a youth and the Antikythera Mechanism (the first known astronomical calculator). The Merchant Vessal is estimated to be circa 85 BCE and possibly based in Pergamon (Now Bergama, Turkey).

      1900, 1953 and 1976
      Dimitrios Kontos (1900),
      Jacques-Yves Cousteau (1953 and 1976)
      off the shore of Island of Antikythera, Greece
      Merchant Vessal

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