International Testing of the AIDS Vaccine

Canada was one of three (3) countries (USA and Thailand being the other two) to be able to test the AIDS Vaccine on humans.

The Vaccine is called Aidsvax, manufactured at the time by Vaxgen Inc. a pharmaceutical company in the USA. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Vaxgen to conduct human tests/trials on June 3rd, 1998. 5000 uninfected volunteers were allowed for testing, 40 clinics in Canada and the USA, and 16 clinics in Thailand were selected to run the tests.

For More Information:

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    We are the worldís largest publicly-funded international collaboration focused on the development of vaccines to prevent HIV/AIDS.
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    More than 34 million people around the world suffer with HIV and AIDSó95 percent of them in developing countries.
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    Wanted: Volunteers to test an experimental new AIDS vaccine that is needle-free. The catch? You have to be willing to stay locked up in your room for 12 days.
  • HIV vaccine
    An HIV vaccine is a vaccine which would either protect individuals who do not have HIV from contracting that virus, or otherwise may have a therapeutic effect for persons who have or later contract HIV/AIDS.
  • The Canadian HIV Vaccines Plan – PDF
    This document is the result of a collaborative process involving researchers, government and the community. In June 2003, Health Canada convened a round-table meeting on HIV vaccines to lay the foundation of a Canadian plan for the development and equitable distribution of HIV vaccines.
      June 3rd 1998
      Canada, USA, Thailand
      Vaxgen Inc.

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