The Handkerchief invented by the Romans

Before Kleenex or to be more accurate Facial tissues (as Kleenex is a brand name), we blew/wiped our noses with Handkerchiefs. But did you know that it was the Romans who introduced them? They were called Muscinium back then.

      300 CE
      Ancient Rome

Additional Information:

  • Handkerchief – Wikipedia
    Before people used the word handkerchief, the word kerchief alone was common. This term came from two French words: couvrir, which means “to cover,” and chef, which means “head.”
  • The history of the handkerchief – Telfast
    Did you know that the pocket sized handkerchief we know today has been around for hundreds of years but the handkerchief in its many versions dates back to Ancient China and the Roman Empire? Interestingly, the humble hanky was often seen as a sign of wealth and wasn’t just a means to blow ones nose.
  • Handkerchief History | Handkerchief Heroes
    Who could imagine that a simple square of cotton or silk could hold memories of sadness, loss, joy, hope, happiness and love in their evanescent folds? But they do.
  • handkerchief facts, information, pictures | articles …
    One of the true fashion innovations of the sixteenth century was the introduction of the handkerchief as a fashion accessory. Handkerchiefs themselves were not new; people had been carrying a small cloth for blowing their nose for years.
  • The History Of The Pocket Square | Rampley and Co
    Some people believe that the pocket square in one form or another can trace its origins back to ancient Egypt, where small linen cloths were dyed with a red powder that indicated they were used for decorative purposes and as an example of wealth. However, this is quite a leap of faith and small pieces of coloured cloth don’t necessarily translate directly into what you would consider a modern day pocket square.

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