Chaturanga a Chess-like game

Chaturanga (a Chess-like game) an Indian game was invented circa 600 CE. Like chess it was played on a 64-square board with two armies on opposite sides, soldiers, chariots, elephants and horses used to represent aspects of the army units, moved across the board to capture enemy pieces.

The modern day Chess game was developed in Europe, circa 1450 with standardized pieces and rules.

      600 CE

Additional Information:

  • Chaturanga – Wikipedia
    Chaturanga (Sanskrit: चतुरङ्ग; caturaṅga), or catur for short, is an ancient Indian strategy game which is the common ancestor[citation needed] of the board games: chess, shogi, sittuyin, makruk, xiangqi and janggi.
  • Chaturanga…The lost game –
    The true origin of the game of Chess is not clear. Some Legends attribute its invention to the Biblical King Solomon, or to the Greek god Hermes, or to the Chinese mandarin Hansing. But most probably originated in India sometime around the 5th, 6th or 7th century AD.
  • Chaturanga – Game rules – Ludoteka
    Since this game is considered the predecessor of the modern chess, and possibly it is also the predecessor of the Chinese chess (Xiang qi) and Japanese chess (Shogi), many estudies had been made about chaturanga.
  • Chaturanga for four players – The Chess Variant Pages
    In the end of the 19th century, researchers thought that this game was the original predecessor of chess, and that it was three thousand years old. In the beginning of this century, the now common assumption was taken (e.g. by Murray in his History of Chess) that this game is a variant of Chaturanga for two players.
  • Chaturanga – Masters Traditional Games
    With origins shrouded in the mystery of ancient Indian history, Chaturanga or Shaturanga is one of the oldest versions of Chess that has ever been found. Indeed it is possible that Chaturanga is the original version of Chess and all the modern two player variants all derive from it but historians continue to argue about this….

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