An Unsinkable Boat was Patented

In 1785, a Coach Builder (horse drawn carriages) in London, England, by the name of Lionel Lukin, patented his unsinkable boat. So what made his unsinkable boat, Unsinkable? well his model had a cork lining and water-tight air flotation compartments.

      Lionel Lukin
      Coach Builder
      London, England
      Unsinkable Boat

Additional Information:

  • 1785: The first lifeboats – Timeline – Our history – RNLI
    Lionel Lukin paved the way for the first purpose-built lifeboat when he designed the world’s first unsinkable boat and patented it in 1785.
  • Lionel Lukin – History of the Life-Boat and Its Work
    Lukin was a native of an inland town, Dunmow, in Essex, and not a resident in a seaport; he had nevertheless learned “that by the oversetting and sinking of both sailing and rowing boats many valuable lives had been lost,” and was thus induced to turn his attention to the subject in 1784.
  • Lionel Lukin | British engineer |
    Lionel Lukin, (born May 18, 1742, Little Dunmow, Essex, Eng.—died Feb. 16, 1834, Hythe, Kent), pioneer in the construction of the modern “unsinkable” lifeboat.
  • Lionel Lukin – Wikipedia
    Lionel Lukin (18 May 1742 – 16 February 1834) was a British inventor and lifeboat designer
  • Lionel Lukin – Today In Science History
    As is frequently the case with great inventions, it is somewhat difficult to say who was the first designer of the Life-boat; for although Mr. HENRY GREATHEAD, a shrewd boat-builder at South Shields, has very generally been credited with designing and building the first Life-boat about the year 1789, yet it is certain that Mr. LIONEL LUKIN, a coach-builder in Long Acre, London, had designed and fitted a boat for Saving Life in cases of Shipwreck, which he called an “Unimmergible Boat,” some four or five years before GREATHEAD brought forward his plan for a Life-boat.

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