International Balloon Racing

The James Gordon Bennett Race, was the first International Balloon Race. It was inaugurated in Paris, France, in 1906. James Gordon Bennett, the founder and publisher of the New York Herald, offered an international trophy for the annual long-distance flights race. Since 1983 the race has been held in the United States.

      James Gordon Bennett
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Additional Information:

  • Gordon Bennett Cup (ballooning) – Wikipedia
    The Gordon Bennett Cup (or Coupe AĆ©ronautique Gordon Bennett) is the world’s oldest gas balloon race, and is “regarded as the premier event of world balloon racing” according to the Los Angeles Times.
  • What type of race was first held internationally in 1906? | Trivia
    The history of aeronautics started more than 2 hundred years ago. In 1793 Montgolfier brothers from France managed to launch the first balloon filled in with hot air. The first international balloon race was held 113 years later, in 1906 on the 30th of September, in the mother-country of aeronautics.
  • The Gordon-Bennett Cup for the International Balloon Race has been …
    The Gordon-Bennett Cup for the International Balloon Race has been won by Lieutenant Frank P. Lahm (U.S.A.) The object of the competitors was to stay in the air a minimum period of forty-eight hours, the balloon covering the greatest distance as the crow flies from Paris to be the winner.

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