First Organized Slalom Race

The first skiing slalom race was held at Mussen, Switzerland, in 1922 organized by the British skier, Arnold Lunn.

      Arnold Lunn
      Mussen, Switzerland

Additional Information:

  • Alpine skiing Equipment and History – Olympic Sport History
    The first slalom competition was organised by Sir Arnold Lunn in 1922 in Mürren, Switzerland.
  • Slalom skiing – Wikipedia
    Slalom is an alpine skiing and alpine snowboarding discipline, involving skiing between poles … The 1866 “ski race” in Oslo was a combined cross-country, jumping and … Lunn in 1922 for the British National Ski Championships, and adopted for alpine … The gates are arranged in a variety of configurations to challenge the …
  • Arnold Lunn – Wikipedia
    In 1921 Lunn organized the first British national ski championship to include a national slalom race as well as jumping and cross-country. The 1921 slalom was decided on style, as Zdarsky’s pole race had been.
  • FIS Timeline | International Skiing History Association
    This is the first draft from March 2005, to be replaced when a copy of the final version … The Hoting ski dating from about this time was dug out of a Swedish bog in 1921. … The first Arlberg Kandahar was organised at St Anton, by Hannes Schneider … Citadin Racing adopted by FIS.and first meeting of Citadin subcommittee.
  • Slalom | skiing race |
    Slalom: Slalom, ski race that follows a winding course between gates (pairs of poles … by British sportsman Arnold Lunn (later Sir Arnold Lunn) in the early 1920s.

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