Representative of a nongovernmental organization to address the United Nations

Yasir Arafat, chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization, was the first representative of a nongovernmental organization to address a plenary session of the United Nations General Assembly. On November 22th, 1974 Arafat spoke before the General Assembly, when the General Assembly passed resolution 3237 (XXIX), giving observer status to the PLO. This resolution enabled the organization to maintain an office in New York but did not give it the same privileges as other UN member states.

      November 22th 1974
      Yasir Arafat
      chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization
      United Nations

Additional Information:

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    Mohammed Yasser Abdel Rahman Abdel Raouf Arafat al-Qudwa (/ˈærəˌfæt, ˈɑːrəˌfɑːt/;[2] Arabic: محمد ياسر عبد الرحمن عبد الرؤوف عرفات‎‎‎; 24 August 1929 – 11 November 2004), popularly known as Yasser Arafat (Arabic: ياسر عرفات‎‎ , Yāsir `Arafāt) or by his kunya Abu Ammar (Arabic: أبو عمار‎‎ , ‘Abū `Ammār), was a Palestinian political leader.
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    t’s ironic that the man who personified the Palestinian movement was neither born in the region it claims, nor conforms to his own organization’s definition of Palestinian identity.

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