Hospitals in Asia of record

The Brahmanic hospitals established in Sri Lanka circa 431 BCE, are the first hospitals in Asia of record.

      431 BCE
      Sri Lanka

Additional Information:

  • Brahmanism – Wikipedia
    Brahmanism is the religion that developed out of the historical Vedic religion in ancient India, and was followed between very roughly 1000 BCE and 500 BCE.
  • History and Theology: Origins of Hospitals
    Hospitals existed in antiquity, in Egypt and in India. And after Christianity became the state religion of the Roman Empire hospitals were built in Christian nations, and, after Islam arose, in Moslem countries as well.
  • hospital | History of hospitals – Students | Britannica Kids | Homework …
    As early as 4000 bce, religions identified certain of their deities with healing. The temples of Saturn, and later of Asclepius in Asia Minor, were recognized as healing centres. Brahmanic hospitals were established in Sri Lanka as early as 431 bce, and King Ashoka established a chain of hospitals in Hindustan about 230 bce.

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