Walkman, First personal stereo cassette player

The Walkman, designed by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita, founders of the consumer electronics manufacturer Sony KK of Tokyo, Japan. The personal stereo cassette player was launched in Japan on July 1, 1979, at a price of US$169, Then 6 months later was introduced internationally at the beginning of December 1979.

Additional Information:

  • Walkman – Wikipedia
    Walkman is a Sony brand tradename, originally used for portable audio cassette players from the late 1970s onwards. In later years, it has been used by Sony to market digital portable audio/video players, as well as a line of mobile phones introduced in 2005.
  • A Brief History of The Walkman – TIME
    Attention, the 160 million or so owners of an Apple iPod MP3 player: take out those white earbuds and listen for a second. Before the iPod became ubiquitous — way, way before — there was the Walkman. The portable cassette players, first introduced 30 years ago this week, sold a cumulative 200 million units, rocked the recording industry and fundamentally changed how people experienced music. Sound familiar?
  • Aiwa JS175 Personal Stereo – YouTube
  • Walkman Central FAQ
    Walkman Central is a site containing pictures and descriptions of miniature portable audio and video equipment made by Sony of Japan. The authors do not have any connection with the Sony Corporation. The site can be used for historical research or just to bring back memories of equipment you once owned or wanted.
  • Sony Walkman. – Audio Engineering Society
    Sony Walkman Personal Stereo Turns 20 Years Old
    The Evolution of Portable Audio’s Past, Present and Digital Future
    Walkman TPS-L from Sony History — PARK RIDGE, N.J., April 5, 1999 — Twenty years ago, music listening was revolutionized by a pocket-sized 14-oz dynamo — the Sony Walkman personal stereo.
      July 1, 1979
      Masaru Ibuka
      Akio Morita
      Tokyo, Japan

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