The Carburetor

The German Engineer/Designer Wilhelm Maybach in 1893, invented the Carburetor. His overall model, is still used in all modern carburetors, by prepared the fuel-air mixture for injection in the combustion cylinder. The first carbureted gasoline engine was called the Phoenix and was developed by both Maybach and his partner, Gottlieb Wilhelm Daimler.

      Wilhelm Maybach

Additional Information:

  • Carburetor – Wikipedia
    A carburetor was invented by an Italian, Luigi De Cristoforis, in 1876. Another carburetor was developed by Enrico Bernardi at the University of Padua in 1882, for his Motrice Pia, the first petrol combustion engine (one cylinder, 121.6 cc) prototyped on 5 August 1882.
  • Wilhelm Maybach – Wikipedia
    Wilhelm Maybach (help·info) (German pronunciation: [ˈvɪlhɛlm ˈmaɪbax]; 9 February 1846 – 29 December 1929) was an early German engine designer and industrialist. During the 1890s he was hailed in France, then the world centre for car production, as the “King of Designers”.
  • Automobile Fuel System History – Motor Era
    In 1896, an automotive development that did not receive headlines was announced. Dr. Wilhelm Maybach and Gottlieb Daimler of Germany had teamed up to build a motor car possessing a new device called a float-type spray carburetor — a “gadget” that’s still with us.
  • !!! WARNING must be 18 to view Flesh & Relics website !!!
    A Brief History of the Carburetor – Flesh & Relics
    Pretty much everyone is familiar with the basic workings of the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE); essentially, a flammable mixture of fuel and air is ignited in an enclosed space, and the rapidly expanding gases from the resulting combustion force an offset piston to rotate a shaft.
  • The History of the Automobile – Gas Engines – Energy BC
    The very first self-powered road vehicles were powered by steam engines and by that definition Nicolas Joseph Cugnot of France built the first automobile in 1769 – recognized by the British Royal Automobile Club and the Automobile Club de France as being the first. So why do so many history books say that the automobile was invented by either Gottlieb Daimler or Karl Benz?

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