First Woman – Human cannonball in a circus act

Her stage name was Zazel, was the first woman human cannonball. Starting on April 2nd 1877, and for the next two years, she appeared at the West’s Amphitheatre, London, England.

      April 2, 1877
      Zazel (Rossa Matilda Richter)
      Human Cannonball
      London, England

Additional Information:

  • Human cannonball – Wikipedia
    The human cannonball act is a performance in which a person (the “cannonball”) is ejected from a specially designed “cannon”. The human cannonball lands on a horizontal net or inflated bag placed at the landing point, as predicted by physics.
  • Rossa Matilda Richter – Wikipedia
    Rossa Matilda Richter (1863–1937) was a circus performer and actor (stage name Zazel) who became the first recorded human cannonball in 1877, at the age of 14, launching herself from a spring-style “cannon”.
  • The History of the Human Cannonball – Gizmodo
    Whenever there is a list released of the world’s most dangerous jobs, tree loggers, steelworkers, electrical power-line installers, and fisherman usually are the professions that populate the list. But none of those things are nearly as dangerous as being propelled out of a long cylinder tube, flown through the air completely untethered, and attempting to land safely on the ground.
  • ZAZEL – Presenting The First Human Cannonball – The Human Marvels
    On April 2nd, 1877 English-born Rosa Richter debuted a spectacular finale to her aerial act at the newly constructed Royal London Aquarium. The 16-year-old ‘Zazel’ descended into the depths of a cylindrical tube of cold metal and, with a great explosion, was propelled some 70 feet into the air and over the heads of amazed spectators.
  • How a Human Cannonball Works | HowStuffWorks
    Human beings have always dreamed of flying through the clear blue sky — and, in some ways, they’ve succeeded. Parachutes, jet packs, and planes, among many other technological marvels, let us find a way to blaze through the heavens. But human cannonballs take a unique path to the wild blue yonder — an extremely dangerous one.
  • Intrepid Women: Zazel, The World’s First Human Cannonball
    Athletic derring-do in the past was usually something done by men, while the ladies watched and swooned. But there were exceptions. I’ve written about high-wire aerialist Bird Millman, and here’s another: a Victorian teenager who, under the stage name of Zazel, became the world’s first human cannonball.
  • One of world’s only female human cannonball’s makes a splash at …
    Sat, Jul 4 : It’s only day 2 of the stampede but already we’ve seen a lot of excitement on the rodeo grounds and of course on the half mile of hell.
  • BBC News – Flight of the human cannonballs
    Human cannonballs have been a feature of circuses for nearly 150 years, but today there are just a handful of performers – and two of them are a married couple.
    This cabinet card portrait features a pretty young woman who was quite a daredevil. She was the first female canonball. Her stage name was Rose Zazel.

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