Yuri Denisyuk

Yuri Nikolaevich Denisyuk (July 27, 1927 in Sochi – May 14, 2006 in Saint Petersburg) a Soviet physicist, one of the founders of optical holography. He is known for his great contribution to holography, in particular for the so-called “Denisyuk hologram”. He is a full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1992; corresponding member since 1970), doctor of physical and mathematical sciences (1971, candidate of sciences since 1964), professor (1980).

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  • Holograms
    The American radar researchers Emmett Leith and Juris Upatnieks of the University of Michigan, USA, produced a Hologram in 1962, building on theoretical work by British/Hungarian physicist Dennis Gabor, done in 1948.
  • Russian Art Professor Creates Holograms
    In 1969, an art professor in the Soviet Union, by the name of Uri N. Denisyuk, wanted to provide a full record of things.

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      Yuri Denisyuk
      Soviet physicist
      27 July 1927
      Sochi, USSR(now Russia)
      14 May 2006
      Saint Petersburg, Russia

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  • Yuri Nikolaevich Denisyuk – Wikipedia
    Yuri Denisyuk spent his youth in Leningrad and was in the city during The Siege of Leningrad. His scientific work started in 1954 (after his graduation from Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics) at Vavilov State Optical Institute.
  • Holographic metaphor
    At present, such terms as holistic approach, holistic trends, holistic breath, holistic thinking, holistic motion (as a dynamic order model on subatomic level) etc. have become worldwide known.
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  • Features of brightness distribution of Denisyuk’s holograms
    The scheme of recording holograms, developed by Uri. N. Denisyuk, is one of most widespread in a representational holography and provides very high quality of the image in comparison with other schemes.
  • Physical principles of the holography (4)
    The recording procedure of reflective volumetric holograms is another. The idea of making of such holograms belongs to Uri N. Denisyuk.Reflection hologram recording Therefore holograms of this type are known under the name of their founder.
  • HOLOSTAR Home English
    HOLOSTAR, 3D-Lab and the Holocom / Holopress Group are specialized in the production of holograms for industrial purposes. Starting with the origination of technical, industrial or artistic holograms in small runs we also cover years of experience in holographic mass production.
  • OSA | High-resolution contact Denisyuk holography
    The configurations, to assure high resolution in contact Denisyuk holography, are investigated by varying the construction and the viewing angles in the recording and the reconstruction setups, respectively.

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