Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen

Born to a German father and a Dutch mother, Röntgen attended high school in Utrecht, Netherlands. In 1865, he was expelled from high school when one of his teachers intercepted a caricature.[clarification needed] Without a high school diploma, Röntgen could only attend university in the Netherlands as a visitor. In 1865, he tried to attend Utrecht University without having the necessary credentials required for a regular student. Upon hearing that he could enter the Federal Polytechnic Institute in Zurich (today known as the ETH Zurich), he passed its examinations, and began studies there as a student of mechanical engineering. In 1869, he graduated with a Ph.D. from the University of Zurich; once there, he became a favorite student of Professor August Kundt, whom he followed to the University of Strassburg.

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      Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen
      Mechanical Engineer
      27 March 1845
      Lennep, Rhine Province,
      German Confederation
      10 February 1923
      Munich, Bavaria, Germany
      University of Strassburg
      University of Hohenheim
      University of Giessen
      University of Würzburg
      University of Munich
      Matteucci Medal (1896)
      Rumford Medal (1896)
      Elliott Cresson Medal (1897)
      Barnard Medal (1900)
      Nobel Prize in Physics (1901)

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