Avalanche of the 20th century to kill 10,000 people

On December 13, 1916, in the Italian Alps, an Avalanche buried many villages and causing an estimated 10,000 casualties.
      December 13th 1916
      Italian Alps

Additional Information:

  • White Friday (1916) – Wikipedia
    In the aftermath of White Friday, 10,000 soldiers on all sides were killed in December from avalanches. Altogether, this is the most deaths caused by snow/ice debris from avalanches in history. When including all avalanche-related deaths (this includes mud and rock slides triggered subsequently by an avalanche), White …
  • World’s Worst Avalanches – Buried Alive – ThoughtCo
    December 13, 1916, a day that would become known as White Friday, 10,000 soldiers were killed by avalanches in the Dolomites. One was the Austrian encampment in … Over a three-month period, a series of nearly 650 avalanches killed more than 265 people and destroyed many villages. The region also took an …
  • Deadliest Avalanches In History – WorldAtlas.com
    17 avalanches, triggered by heavy winds and rain and beginning at the southern approaches of the Salang Pass in the Hindu Kush Mountain range, buried more than 2 miles of highway and killed nearly 172 individuals in February of 2010. The avalanche entombed many cars, turning vehicles into icy coffins, and also …
  • The 10 Deadliest Avalanche Events in History | Unofficial Networks
    Apr 30, 2013 – Estimates suggest that the earthquake killed over 20,000 people. Tyrolean Alps, 13 December 1916 (10,000 casualties) – Over a 24-hour period during World War 1 Italian and Austrian forces died in a series of avalanches caused by a mixture of heavy snowfall and man-made explosives. An entire …

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