The Steam-Powered Sawmill

A steam-powered sawmill was built in London, England in 1663. Sawyers who feared unemployment, rioted at its introduction.

      London, England

Additional Information:

  • Sawmill – Wikipedia
    A sawmill or lumber mill is a facility where logs are cut into lumber. Before the invention of the sawmill, boards were made in various manual …. The introduction of steam power in the 19th century created many new possibilities for mills.
  • Johnston’s Sawmill Steam Plant – Wikipedia
    Mulligan and Forsythe made about £3000 from the ore before attracting … The first steam powered sawmill in Queensland had opened in …
  • Sawmill – The Canadian Encyclopedia
    Feb 7, 2006 – Early sawmills were simple structures: water-powered and cheaply built, usually with a single reciprocating blade and a hand-operated ratchet … Steam power, increasingly common after mid-century, meant faster, more …
  • Sawmill – Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The Dutchman Cornelis Corneliszoon (1550-1607) invented his type of sawmill by applying a pitman arm onto a wind mill, which converted a turning motion into an up-an-down motion. Corneliszoon patented the sawmill on December 15, 1593 and the pitman on December 6, 1597. He built the first sawmill there in 1594.

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