A Uniform National Law Code

In 1800 by Napoleon Bonaparte, the First Consul of France, commissioned Code Napoleon (the Napoleonic Code), it was drafted by a council under Jean-Jacques Regis de Cambaceres. The intent of the new code was to create an internally consistent body of laws which had nothing with customs (past and present) and everything to do with common sense, rationality, and logic. The Code Napoleon, declared the Code Civil of France in 1804, which now dealt with personal rights, property rights, and laws of succession and contract. Later in 1811 the criminal statutes were added.

Today the Law in France is still based Code Napoleon, other countries also use it as a base such as Haiti, Bolivia, and the province of Quebec in Canada, where French culture is still very strong.

      1800, 1804, 1811
      Napoleon Bonaparte
      First Consul of France

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