First Closed-Circuit Road Race in France

The Automobile Club of France held a closed-circuit road race at Course de Perigueux in 1898. This was a single lap race of 90 miles (145 kilometres).


Additional Information:

  • History of auto racing – Wikipedia
    Auto racing began in the mid-19th century, and the sport has grown in popularity ever since. … The first prearranged match race of two self-powered road vehicles over a …. With auto construction and racing dominated by France, the French … The first closed-circuit automobile race was held on September 7, 1896 at the …
  • Course de Périgueux | race |
    …first closed-circuit road race, the Course de Périgueux, was run in 1898, a distance of 145 km on one lap. Such racing, governed by the Automobile Club de …
  • 1898 Grand Prix – Team DAN
    1 May 1898 – Perigueux: 171.8 km. Results 1 G. Leys Panhard 3h54m05s, 44.04 kph 2 Osmont de Dion 4h00m51 cycle 3 …
  • I Course de Perigueux | Racing Years
    Race result of I Course de Perigueux race. … Date: May 1, 1898; Circuit: Perigueux; Distance: 171.800 m x 1 Laps = 171.80 Kms; Pole Position: -, -; Fastest Lap …
  • Early Circuit Races | Motor Sport Magazine Archive
    … back up the other—the earliest closed road circuit race in Europe was the 1898 Course du Perigueux, run over one lap of a closed 90-mile loop on May 1st.

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