Tennis rule book was Sphairistike

The English sportsman, Walter Clopton Wingfield published the Tennis or Lawn Tennis rule book called, Sphairistike, in 1873.

      Walter Clopton Wingfield

Additional Information:

  • Major Walter Clopton Wingfield – TennisFame
    A Founder and Promoter of Modern Lawn Tennis; Author of the Book of the Game … Major Walter Clopton Wingfield was a Welsh Renaissance Man remembered as a … like court tennis and rackets to play a game similar to what Wingfield called … a century after the Major published his rules and obtained his British patent.
  • Walter Clopton Wingfield – Wikipedia
    In the late 1860s Wingfield was one of the persons experimenting with a lawn version of tennis. … In order to differentiate his game, he named it Sphairistikè (which … a universal set of rules and Wingfield was invited to participate. … Wingfield authored two tennis works: The Book of the Game …
  • Column: The original 12 rules for playing the game of tennis —1873-74
    Originally Published: April 11, 2016 8:16 p.m.. Major Walter Clopton Wingfield created the modern version of “Lawn Tennis” which he called “SPHAIRISTIKE” patented in 1874 in England. … four bats (now called racquets), balls, a mallet and a line brush, accompanied with a book of rules for an original price of five guineas …
  • The Game of Sphairistike or Lawn Tennis: A Facsimile of the Original …
    Until the 1870s, tennis was an indoor sport reserved for the rich. That changed in 1873, when Walter Wingfield published for the first time the rules of Sphairistike, the Greek name he used for lawn tennis.
  • WINGFIELD, Major Walter Clopton (1833-1912) | English Heritage
    Major WALTER CLOPTON WINGFIELD 1833-1912 Father of Lawn Tennis lived here. … Wingfield called the sets ‘Sphairistike’ – a name which never caught on. … However, the game developed rapidly from Major Wingfield’s original rules, which … as described in his book Bicycle Gymkhana and Musical Rides (1897).

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